Best Comedy Movies

These movies are not listed in any particular order.

Big Trouble in Little China; Captain Ron
Not that many people saw these movies, they are both complete different, but both star Kurt Russel.

Bruce Almighty; Dumb and Dumber; Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
Jim Carrey at his best, his wild movies are great. With a good supporting cast too.

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery
The first movie was the best, though the sequels were OK. Nothing more funny then seeing Mike Myers strip to stop the fembots.

Beverly Hills Ninja; Black Sheep; Tommy Boy
Three movies, more or less the same. But Chris Farley is hilarious.

Dogma; Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Dogma was a religious action comedy, while the other was just a stupid comedy

Groundhog Day
Stuck up man forced to relive the same day over and over, learning his lesson in funny ways while he does it.

The Hard Way
An action adventure comedy cop buddy movie. What part of that description is not good?

Hudson Hawk
A cat burglar who saves the world and falls in love with a nun.

Joe Dirt
A very funny stupid comedy. I hope they make a sequel.

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